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the building Am Markt 25

What has a Renaissance building on the market place of Luther's historical town of Wittenberg to do with one of the greatest problems of humanity, the problem of starvation?

The futurea Science Center is an impressive combination of history and the future. The building is 500 years old, so Martin Luther must have seen it, and it is certain that the Blume merchants' family lived here - as neighbours to Lucas Cranach, venerable citizens and  local dignitaries.

Today the building is open to all and it gives insights into the world of science. In the futurea Science Center you can find out how chemistry has always influenced our life, and what its influence will be in future.

Why is nitrogen so important? Why did famines become increasingly rare, and why is modern environment protection dependent on chemicals? You can be a researcher. Examine plants under a microscope, let the elements react with each other, help to shape the future.

That's behind all this

The idea

The futurea Science Center presents chemical knowledge in a lively and playful manner and enables its visitors to participate actively. The historical buildings are prominently located on the market place and appeal not only to people who...


What is it about

The exhibition

What to plants need to grow? Where does our food come from? What has nitrogen to do with our life? On three storeys, the interactive exhibition of the futurea Science Center traces the development from the difficult beginnings of...


The Old is made new

The history

A listed Renaissance building with original ceiling joists and an impressive facade. The house at Markt 25 was built in 1540, and for many centuries it was used as a residential and shop building by influential citizens of Wittenberg.



CultureRoom / IndustryRoom

For universities, schools and groups there are also two event rooms available in the building.