futurea Science Center – The exhibition

What do plants need in order to grow? Where does your food come from? What role does nitrogen play in your life? On three floors, the interactive exhibition of the futurea Science Center traces the development from the difficult beginnings of agriculture, early chemical knowledge and modern cultivation methods through to the future nutrition of the world. 

Explore the history 

On the ground floor the venerable Blume merchant family, which once lived in this house, invites you to sit at the table: “More and more mouths want to be fed. And that is why we have to make sure that the grain grows well.” Why that did not always work, which discoveries revolutionized agriculture and how chemists have helped - that's what you learn here. 

Discovering plants

You can follow the elements through the first floor: Did you know that soil has its own fingerprint and how many organisms regulate its nutrient budget? The findings from chemistry have greatly altered agriculture and increased the yield. However, in the face of scarcity of resources, the question arises again: How can the food supply for the world's population be secured and what proportion have and have had mineral fertilizer?

Urea experience

Wherever urea meets us in every day life, we will  be surprised. Small hint: Look for Urea.
Also: Enormous pressure, as it prevails only in the deep sea; Temperatures at which diamonds would dissolve. As the detailed plant model of SKW Stickstoffwerke Piesteritz GmbH, you can follow the steps of urea production on the second floor.