futurea Science Center – the idea

The futurea Science Center presents chemical knowledge in a lively and playful manner and enables its visitors to participate actively. The historical buildings are prominently located on the market place and appeal not only to people who are already interested in science: futurea Science Center appeals to everybody, arouses interest in the scientific topics of the future and provides surprising insights. Is the chemical industry important? If so, why? What is actually produced, how does this work and where do we see chemical products in the everyday life? In the exhibition, young people especially can experience how intriguing and varied science can be. 

The futurea Science Center strives to cooperate closely with schools in the region to support them in their task of passing on knowledge. As a place of learning outside school, the futurea Science Center offers an activating environment for informal and self-directed learning. The content is geared to the educational goals of schools and can be presented individually in customised projects.

By purchasing two adjacent buildings on the market place and carefully refurbishing them in harmony with the goals of monument conservation, the futurea Science Center has contributed to urban development and the enhancement of the town centre.

The futurea Science Center is a living proof that Wittenberg is a town with an industrial culture.