House Rules

Dear visitors,
We warmly welcome you to the futurea Science Center and wish you a pleasant visit here. We would like to familiarize you with the house rules at the start of your visit.

Purpose of the house rules

These house rules are intended to make your visit to the Science Center a pleasant one. Complying with the house rules is therefore in your best interests.

Domiciliary right

The management, if necessary represented by the employees of the operator SECURITAS Fire Control + Service GmbH & Co. KG, implements domiciliary right. Instructions must therefore be followed. They ensure the safety of visitors and preserve the exhibits at the Science Center.

Admission prices and opening times

The opening times are displayed at the front door. Admission prices are shown at the counters. The opening times are subject to change as a result of internal events. There may be waiting times for admission during busy periods or due to other occasions.

Visitors to the Science Center

The house rules are compulsory for all visitors. Visitors acknowledge the regulations as well as all other provisions issued to maintain operational safety upon entering the building. Children under 6 years may only visit the exhibition spaces when accompanied by an adult.

Conduct in the premises

  1. Care must be taken around the exhibits. Willful following emergency numbers are used to raise the damage and contamination will result in eviction from the building.
  2. Fixings must not be loosened or objects damaged.
  3. Pets are not allowed in the premises. Guide dogs are the exception to this rule.
  4. Smoking is prohibited throughout the premises.
  5. Food and drink are banned in the premises.
  6. Visitors are liable for all damages resulting from their special exhibition of the Science Center.
  7. Adult guardians of children and adolescents areresponsible for the appropriate conduct of all thoseunder their supervision.
  8. Visitors are advised to refrain from any action that is contrary to the preservation of order and safety as well as common decency.

Cloakroom facilities

In principle, we do not permit visitors to enter the premises with any type of bulky item, umbrellas, wet items of clothing, dirty shoes, backpacks and bags. The shoe covers issued at the counters must be used. Individual and group lockers are available to store the objects mentioned above as well as coats and jackets. Futurea Science Center is not liable for such items.

Photography and filming

Photographing without using the flash is permitted for private purposes throughout the premises and in the entrance area. The privacy rights of visitors must be respected here. Photographing for commercial and scientific purposes, as well as within the framework of current reporting (press) is only permitted with written approval from the management of futurea Science Center. Filming fundamentally requires written approval from the management. The whole premises is under video surveillance.

Supervisory personnel

The supervisory personnel are instructed to ensure that the house rules are observed. It is for this reason that the instructions from the supervisory personnel must be followed. Those not following the instructions will be asked to leave the Science Center. Visitors repeatedly refusing to comply with the house rules may be banned. Visitors asked to leave will not be refunded their admission fee.

Conduct in case of danger

Visitors who have identified a danger (e.g. a fire) mustimmediately report this to the exhibition staff.Fire alarms and fire extinguishers can be found on everyfloor. Please refer to the escape and emergency routeplan for precise locations and escape routes. The following emergency numbers are used to raise the alarm:

Fire department & rescue services: 112
Police: 110

Entry into force

The house rules shall enter into force with immediateeffect. They hang in the entrance area as well as in thespecial exhibition of the Science Center. Themanagement will also provide them during businesshours.

Wittenberg, March 2017

Download House Roules (PDF)