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A bridge between society and modern chemical industry

Entertaining and playful, this exhibition shows how learning can be fun! This website aims to make you curious and motivate you to visit the two buildings of the futurea Science Center: architectural jewels in the historical market place in Wittenberg, the town made famous by Luther, and an experience centre sponsored by the Agrofert Group.

The group has 35 000 employees. Most of them are engaged in modern and progressive chemical projects either in the home town of the Lutheran Reformation or in other locations.

But what is involved in progressive chemical research projects? Many people are aware that essential basic materials for large chemical manufacturers are manufactured in the suburb of Piesteritz, and that the plant also produces innovative mineral fertilisers. But do they know what innovations there are in the fertiliser sector? And what do these innovations have to do with the justified ecological demands which society places on agriculture? Does urea – the world's leading fertiliser – really play a role in feeding the world's population? And is this the same urea which is produced in Piesteritz and then sent out for use in food production and the pharmaceutical industry?

These are important questions because urea is a highly pure all-round substance which enriches our everyday life in many ways. Urea can be found in medicines, cosmetics and in industry (including chewing gum, toothpaste and even as an additive in AdBlue to reduce vehicle emissions and comply with the exhaust gas standard Euro 6). The futurea Science Center offers answers to these and a host of other questions. 

In a construction project that lasted three years, two listed buildings in the historical market place were extensively altered to create a modern and interactive facility which was completed in time for the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. On three storeys there are 65 exhibits (all unique originals) which help to convey a lively impression of a branch of industry which provides a wide range of services to the whole of the population.

We look forward to seeing you!

We welcome you to the place where the original idea of the founder of the Agrofert Group, Andrej Babiš, provided the impetus to build bridges between society as a whole and modern chemicals. 

Yours, Rüdiger Geserick

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What do plants need in order to grow? Where does your food come from? What role does nitrogen play in your life? On three floors, the interactive exhibition of the futurea Science Center traces the development from the difficult beginnings of...


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